"I asked my son (aged 7) what he thought of Stay & Play and these are the words he used "Fun, the adults are enthusiastic, I love playing with all the other children and we have an awesome time with all of the toys and the equipment. I feel happy and relaxed when I am there, and the snacks are yummy" So as you can imagine I have no concerns. If he is happy then so am I" Liam's mum

"Gallagher really enjoys Stay & Play and speaks very highly of you all and the activities he does. It really is comforting to know that he is safe and enjoying himself while he is with you at Stay & Play." Gallagher's dad

 "Our son Aidan loves Stay & Play. He likes mixing with the older children and doing all sorts of different activities. We always feel confident that our son is safe and happy while we are at work." - Aidan's mum

 "We were really pleased with how Ciara has settled at Stay & Play. She absolutely loves going and is disappointed when she is not going! This says everything and is a credit to all the staff. It is extremely well organised and is flexible which is helpful to us. We would recommend Stay & Play to any parents who need before or after school childcare." - Ciara's mum

"I thought I'd ask the children what they thought of Stay & Play first.  To the question, 'What do you like?', the key words given were 'cooking,' 'making snacks', 'playstation', 'friends', 'colouring', 'painting', amd 'everything'!  Following on from this, as parents, we can see that there is a wide variety of activities available for them and this is important.  There were no dislikes and that makes us happy that they enjoy coming to your club.  You are also very flexible, more than expected at times, which is great for us.  We also feel that you are able to tell us when the children have done something wrong without making it into a big deal.  Our job is to then reinforce the correct behaviours that they sometimes forget.  We have no negative feedback, and from above, you can see that we are happy with your approach to looking after our children and they enjoy being in the Stay & Play environment." - Alex, Sam and Abi's mum and dad

"Eddie seems to have settled in nicely.  He enjoys playing with his friends.  He enjoys the large range of diverse activities on offer at Stay & Play." -  Eddie'mum 

"My girls like the different areas that are available to them such as the hall which they really enjoy.  There's a different activity to participate in every night, such as bonfire pictures and decorating biscuits."

 "I find Stay & Play to be an excellent place for my twins to go before and after school.  It has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere and my children always look forward to going in, doing some activities and playing with their friends.  Mrs B and Carole ensure the environment is safe, happy and that the children are all well behaved. They also work very closely with Lane End Primary School which ensures all communication flows and I quickly get to hear about any problems.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Stay & Play." - Aimee and Adam'mum

"I'm thrilled with the care and the activities organised at Stay & Play at Ramillies.  Sophie loves all the craft activities, the games in the hall, the cake/biscuit decorating etc - and all with such patient supervision.  Sophie's always happy and energised when I collect her each day.  It's such a relief, as a parent, to know your daughter's in good hands and enjoying herself." - Sophie's mum

"All of my children love coming to Stay & Play.  They particularly enjoy all the craft activities and the baking activities.  It has been great to see the different visitors who come to visit the children such as the police and more recently the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.  They all really enjoyed the chance to visit the local library and join in with the egyptian themed night.  The new venue at the church offers many more facilities and more space to play." - Jasmine, Josh and Stephanie's mum

"Dylan enjoys coming to Stay & Play and has made friends from every different class at school.  He's a very energetic boy and there's plenty of opportunity and space to play games either in the playground at school or back at the church hall." - Dylan's mum

"Stay & Play provides a fun, relaxed environment.  The staff are friendly and flexible.  Rachel and Sarah enjoy the wide range of activities and games available, in particular, playing in the hall and also knitting and cooking.  The children look forward to the snacks provided and their favourite is pasta with grated cheese and also fish fingers!" - Rachel and Sarah's mum

"To Mrs B and Carol.  Thank you so much for taking such good care of Scarlett at 'Stay & Play' this year.  It has been reassuring to know that Scarlett has been so well looked after when I was working, and has helped to make this first year at school a very enjoyable one for Scarlett and stress-free for me!  Lots of love, Lindsey."

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