All parents are given a detailed copy of our policies on request.  They are also freely available to view at the club.


All staff are recruited on the basis of their experience and ability to work with children.  We all have up-to-date enhanced DBS checks. Paediatric first aid certificates and food hygiene qualifications are also held.  


Stay & Play has all relevant forms which are completed by staff and signed by a witness.  Parents are asked to sign to confirm that they have been advised of any incident.

Children should not attend Stay & Play if they are sick.  If they become ill whilst in our care parents will be contacted.


We follow Public Health England guidelines at all times. 

Equal Opportunities

It is our policy to treat each child as an individual.  Staff always challenge any discriminatory behaviour.

Compliments and Complaints

We aim to work in partnership with parents and we encourage you to discuss with staff any concerns you may have.  A copy of our complaints procedure is on the notice board at Stay & Play.  Feedback forms are sent out on a regular basis.

Ofsted can be contacted on 0300 123 123

Fire Procedure

Fire drills take place on a regular basis and a record kept.  The procedure is thoroughly explained to and practised with the children.

Anti-Bullying Policy

We aim to provide a safe, positive and supportive environment for the children at Stay & Play.  As a result, bullying has no place at our club and will under no circumstances be tolerated.


Each parent is given a copy of 'Safeguarding Children' and asked to sign as confirmation that they have read and understood the statement.


At Stay & Play good behaviour is expected at all times.  We aim to provide a positive environment and so children are always praised and rewarded for good and improved behaviour. Children are told if their behaviour is unacceptable and given an explanation of why.  Parents will be informed about their child's unwanted behaviour.  Disrespectful or rude behaviour will not be tolerated.  


Stay & Play is committed to ensuring privacy is protected. Our privacy policy is available to view at any time and conforms to GDPR requirements

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