On this page we will add activities and projects the children have done most recently.  It will be regularly updated so keep checking back!

 Independence Skills

Encouraging independence is important at Stay & Play. Older children like to act as mentors. Children enjoy making their own snacks and choosing what to eat.


Sport and outdoor play is always encouraged and is also reflected in our indoor activities as the Lego football pitch and strip designs show.


Summer saw our floral creations bloom.

 Pizzas and Fruit Kebabs

We enjoy making our own snacks Making pizzas and fruit kebabs was great fun. It is surprising what can be done with tomatoes, peppers, cheese and pieces of fruit.They were all very yummy.

 Zumba Fun

We had a great time having a Zumba session which helped to raise some money towards the church renovation funds. The children all dressed up in colourful costumes and everyone had a wonderful time

Having fun

The photos below show some of the other things we get up to at Stay & Play.  


We had some very cute visitors recently, two lovely little dogs belonging to Lee's family.  The children loved spending time with them both and learning about how to care for them.

Trim Trail

Working in partnership with Lane End means that the children can have fun and explore the Trim Trail.     



Outdoor Play

At Stay & Play we are lucky enough to have plenty of space, both at school and at the church for running around and playing sports and games.  

Playing outdoors is known to have a significant role in the following outcomes:

Staying safe

Being healthy

Enjoying and achieving

Positive contribution

Economic wellbeing

Below are some photos of us enjoying ourselves in the playground after school.    


Art and Crafts

We love making things at Stay & Play.  Below are some of our amazing creations.

Everyday Fun

We have been really busy at Stay & Play recently.  Below is a selection of pictures of the activities we have been doing, letting our imagination flow using natural materials to build and create.  As the pictures show, we also spend time in the playground after school when the weather is good enjoying a range of activities including skipping, football and tennis.


We enjoyed making pictures of blossom trees using tissue paper and pencil crayons.  The finished pictures looked lovely.

Getting Creative

We love getting arty at Stay & Play and recently tried our hands at some new creative activities.  Some of the children made pictures using pasta which turned out very well.  We also had a go at doing 'marbling' with water, inks and paper.  The children were fascinated with the results and we quickly ran out of drying space for all their pictures!

Chinese New Year

At Stay & Play we learnt about Chinese New Year.  As a fun activity, we had a go at picking up skittles with chop sticks.  It was a lot of fun although it also turned out to be quite frustrating!  Well done to everybody for having a go!

Police Visit

The children always enjoy a visit by the police. The talk about stranger danger and calling 999 brought the message alive. On a second visit the inside of a police car and sounding the siren was great fun.

 Fun with Face Painting

Sally and Joseph kindly came to do some creative face and arm painting.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and as you can see were very proud of the results!  Thank you to Sally and Joseph for coming to visit us.

 Baking Fun!

Baking and cooking is one of the children's favourite activities at Stay & Play. The photos below show their hard work...and they even wash up afterwards!!


Halloween is a firm favourite with the children and was the source of lots of craft inspiration.  The children made decorated witches and bats which they then made into 'puppets' along with making some spooky pictures!  


During the celebration of Diwali, the children explored Rangoli patterns.  We used rice in different colours to create our own patterns.  They really enjoyed making them and certainly did a lovely job. Colouring sheets also provided fun.  

Polish Week

Children had fun during Polish Week. They tasted the food, looked at Polish books and admired the Polish national dress.


The children have been doing a lot of art recently and have really enjoyed themselves.  The photos below show some of the artwork they have been doing.

French Week

We are having a lot of fun during our 'France Week.'  The children have so far enjoyed colouring in and creating French characters.  Whilst exploring 'France', we will also be doing some food tasting and lots more creative activities.

Healthy Eating Talk

The children recently had a visitor to Stay & Play to talk about healthy eating.  They really enjoyed finding out about different types of food and then making their own plates of 'food' that were both 'healthy' and 'unhealthy' as shown below.

Playdoh People

Playdough is another favourite with the children and we are always 'well fed' with the 'food' they make!  The different sized people below were inspired by Goldilocks and the Three Bears that the children were doing at school. 

The children's creativity is always evident in their use of materials to make things.  

Conker Characters

For our 'Autumn' theme, we got creative making 'Conker Characters.'  We used lots of different materials and imagination to create our very own characters.  And our characters were not just limited to conkers either.  We also used pine cones and cardboard.  The pictures below show the children with some of their proud creations.   

Whilst making her Conker Characters, Olivia suggested that it would be good to use them to act out a play.  From that idea, we decided to create a Stop Motion film.  Click here to see the result!

Street Dance

We invited a Street Dance teacher to come and teach the children some Street Dance moves.  The children had a great time and enjoyed themselves immensely.  Click on the photos below to view them full size.


The children were really excited at the opportunity to have their very own photoshoot at Stay & Play!  The purpose of the photoshoot was to get some photos for our new website, which the children were very keen to do, but at the same time it allowed us to have fun doing something a bit different. 
Click on the photos below to view them full size. 

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