This page shows how we spend our time at Stay & Play

Summer Art

Summer saw our floral creations bloom.


 Pizzas and Fruit Kebabs

We enjoy making our own snacks Making pizzas and fruit kebabs was great fun. It is surprising what can be done with tomatoes, peppers, cheese and pieces of fruit.They were all very yummy.


Outdoor Play

At Stay & Play we are lucky enough to have plenty of space, both at school and Ramillies Hall for running around and playing sports and games.  

Art and Crafts

We love making things at Stay & Play.  Below are some of our amazing creations.

Chinese New Year

At Stay & Play we learnt about Chinese New Year.  As a fun activity, we had a go at picking up skittles with chop sticks.  It was a lot of fun although it also turned out to be quite frustrating!  Well done to everybody for having a go!

 Baking Fun!

Baking and cooking is one of the children's favourite activities at Stay & Play. The photos below show their hard work...and they even wash up afterwards!!


Halloween is a firm favourite with the children and was the source of lots of craft inspiration.  The children made decorated witches and bats which they then made into 'puppets' along with making some spooky pictures!  


During the celebration of Diwali, the children explored Rangoli patterns.  We used rice in different colours to create our own patterns.  They really enjoyed making them and certainly did a lovely job. Colouring sheets also provided fun.  

Polish Week

Children had fun during Polish Week. They tasted the food, looked at Polish books and admired the Polish national dress.

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