Stay & Play at Ramillies is an Ofsted registered Before and After School Club for children attending Lane End Primary School.  

Managed by friendly and professional staff, we provide a caring and safe environment where children  relax and have fun.  

Before school we escort children from Stay & Play to Lane End Primary School.  Then after school we collect the children and escort them back to Stay & Play at Ramillies Hall.

We are committed to protecting all data and privacy. Our Data Protection policy is available to view on request

Stay & Play at Ramillies  are able to use Lane End's playground and field. We also have access to the playing field and hall on site for outdoor play.

Our setting is based in a self-contained building which is divided into three separate rooms. There are security coded keypads on every entrance. 

We have a wide choice of play areas such as a home corner, arts and craft area, construction toys and a DVD corner.


We provide a wide range of activities suitable for all ages and abilities.  A range of structured activities are always provided, but children always have the freedom of choice to do as much or as little as they would like.  

Activities at Stay & Play include:




Role Play and Dressing up

Card Games

Boxed Games


Team Games


After school each day we provide the children with healthy and nutritional snacks.  Staff are always aware of food allergen requirements. Water, milk and fruit are always available for the children. 


At Stay & Play we are flexible and willing to accept 'one off' bookings.  If you have an un-expected crisis or just to want to shop or have some "chill-out time" please get in touch. During the current Covid-19 restrictions places are severely limited.

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